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Family Dinner cover

FAMILY DINNER - A Short Horror Story

Every family has their quirks. Every family has their secrets.

Unfortunately for Dagny, the secrets Mama and Pa are keeping out the back are the stuff of nightmares. And soon she’s going to find herself faced with a choice: how far is she willing to go for family?

Family Dinner cover

ROSES - A Short Horror Story

In the depths of the Scottish countryside, something lurks.

Something old. Something deadly. Something that, when crossed, will never relent.

Two teenage boys are about to encounter it.

Only one will live to tell the tale.

Family Dinner cover

PATHFINDER - An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Short

The war is over.

So too is the Earth.

What remains is rubble, ruin. A few patches of civilisation lingering on amidst a dying world, harvesting what resources can be salvaged to be shipped off to the off-world colonies. It is a bleak existence, home only to the mad, the desperate and the capable.

And a group of would-be opportunists are soon going to find themselves at the mercy of the latter…


Family Dinner cover


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