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Roight, so I thought I’d take the evidence we’ve uncovered as of the last session and scribble down some notes/thoughts on them all, then wrap it up with what info we can draw from it all. So without further rambling, let’s get stuck in:

– Unholy symbol of Norgorber: Well, we knew that these fuckers worship Norgorber already. Finding this on the scene does basically confirm it in terms of proof, though, and ratifies our story if we have to make it.
– Medallion with symbol of the Mariners: Again, confirmation that the Brotherhood is in league with the Mariners. I’d recommend we maybe hide this evidence if we wind up getting in touch with the guard, though. It’d raise way too many awkward questions about how we have this symbol carved on our chests.
– The remains of Foxglove’s carriage: Proof that the Brotherhood are disposing of evidence. We may be able to salvage enough to show that Foxglove attacked Pais and Myrl, though.
– The body of Doctor Segner, the Pediment Coroner: Poor bastard. We should have put two and two together at the time, given how shady Ironbriar was being, and not left him at the Pediment. If we have anyone with medical know-how, it would be worth looking into how he died. At any rate, we have proof of one of the Brotherhood’s victims right here.
– A book on Gnome anatomy. A few Mariner symbols have been drawn, erased and redrawn over a diagram of a gnome’s chest: These guys evidently did their research before they started cutting on Chomsky. They’re nothing if not thorough.
– Several tiny message scrolls (the kind carried by ravens) detailing times and cardinal directions. None of you can work out the code: These are worth holding on to. Coded messages usually have a cypher of some kind, so if we can get ahold of that we’ll be able to figure out what these messages are for. If nothing else, it gives a pattern to Brotherhood meetings we can use to start tracking down the remaining four.
– The “Communion Drink”, consisting of wine, blood and a splash of Midnight Milk: The Intellect Devourers are still working their magic, it seems.
– A skin of Midnight Milk, fashioned from rat fur: Whoever we found this on was obviously in cahoots with the Devourers. Which means that they’ve infiltrated the Brotherhood to some extent. Doesn’t bode well for them, really.
– A hastily written quotation for laundering services, with fictitious chemicals such as “6ml Hyena Tears; Holy Ethanol; Dwarven Forge Smoke; Blue Flea-Breeze; Druid’s Milk; Rusting Binder”: These must be the codes they’re using to refer to the party members. ‘Hyena Tears’ for Myrl, ‘Holy Ethanol’ for Pais, ‘Dwarven Forge Smoke’ for Al’Din, ‘Blue Flea-Breeze’ for Temp, ‘Druid’s Milk’ for Kelanni and ‘Rusting Binder’ for Biblios. We should keep an eye out for these references elsewhere.
– Malechar’s spell component bag, with various body parts from the exotic creatures of Serpent’s Run: The fuck kind of spells require body parts from weird animals? The dangerous and badwrongfun kind, I suspect.
– Pocket-sketches and poems dedicated to the Erinyes you encountered, found on most of the Tieflings (including Voren). It seems she is the Infernal Matriarch to which most of them owe their lineage: Voren was writing fap-fiction about his mum and I am now extremely disturbed.
– Record of shipment to Scarnetti lumber mills in Sandpoint, cosigned by initials “I.O.”: Ina-Oster is Ironbriar’s nephew, and a lumber trader operating from Sandpoint. Seems the Brotherhood reach out into the Hinterlands around Magnimar.
– Record of lumber shipments to the Friendly Merchant jetty in Underbridge: I think we’ve stumbled across the way in which the Brotherhood disposes of its dirty laundry, so to speak. It’s processed at the building we stormed, shipped to Underbridge and then dumped out at sea. This gives us another angle to pursue, as we can watch the docks to see if any of the Brotherhood’s agents return there.
– Stack of Pediment court documents (copied and translated by Sulsif) detailing complaints from business owners and shipwrights about the high volume of lumber waste being dumped into Outcast’s Cove from Kyver’s Isle: This is what got Sulsif killed. Ironbriar and co obviously didn’t want her digging any deeper into this. Combined with the lumber shipment records above, this shows some of the Brotherhood’s methods for getting rid of evidence.
– Voren’s Black Blade – cannot be used, but Al’Din doesn’t want to get rid of it: Al’DIn, put the evil fucking Tiefling sword down now please.
– 2 tiefling bodies with paint-stained fingers: Andosalu’s Skinsaw Men, evidently. In addition to Gortus and Gurnak, that is.
– 2 tiefling bodies with Pediment passes: Ironbriar’s Skinsaw Men, evidently.
– 2 tiefling bodies with tickets to Serpent’s Run: I’m guessing they’re Lord Malechar’s Skinsaw Men?
– 2 tiefling bodies with jars of detergent powder: They’re definitely Skinsaw Men, but I’m not sure who they might work for. Lord Zoltov, maybe?
– Lady Maretta Malechar: We’ll need to handle this lady carefully. If we play our cards right, we have a first-hand source for the Brotherhood, their members and their acitivities (potentially). However, it’s important to remember that we’re dealing with a fucking serious case of Stockholm Syndrome right here, in all likelihood. The Callistrians may be able to help us talk her down into a more amicable state, but kid gloves are needed. If we push too hard, too fast, she’ll lock down.