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Myrl and Pais are told to investigate Windsong Abbey. Shaonir finds this out and asks Foxglove to deal with them.

Foxglove offers to take Myrl and Pais some of the way, then kills them, marking them with the rune used by the Brotherhood. They are then given to the Mariners? In exchange for what? How and why are they resurrected? Xanesha of the Brotherhood of the Seven wanted a harvest of bodies in exchange for a debt, and implied that he would be resurrected somehow. Answers may be found in his Magnimar townhouse, which should be investigated. The marks were to be applied before death, as a “gift in the soul” would otherwise be wasted. Presumably the poison was a slow-acting one.

Kanver Craesby may know more, if he is still alive as a ghoul in the wilds of Bleaklow.

Biblio rescues the party from the Mariners, putting them into a lifeboat. It crashes near Foxgloves’ manor, where a ghoul plague is spreading. Possibly this is due to Foxglove.

After a brief period of (plane jumping induced?) insanity, the party are found by the tieflings of Dr. Habe, and captured. Habe was knowledgeable on matters of the Brotherhood, though seemingly not a member. In the encoded letter, Shaonir says “you must find me a mariner” – probably a sly dig at his status. Shaonir clearly has some truck with the Mariners, and is a member of the Brotherhood; or if not, very closely acquainted with “my peers”.

Jubrayal helps the party escape… for some reason. Was he associated with Shaonir? If so, poor luck to him for getting eaten by the Carpenter. Was this to scupper Habe’s plans to join the Brotherhood? The bodies marked for the Brotherhood could be quite a catch for him if he wanted to join, and the medical notes might reveal more insight into whatever insanity the party suffered. Perhaps the tieflings that were rescued might be able to divulge more information, if they overheard anything.

The party makes their way to the Misgivings to rescue Kelanni’s baby, who was also marked, for some reason. We know that it is not hers, and that apparently it was born at the Church of Pharasma. Who its real mother (or father) is, we can’t say… yet. We find evidence that Shaonir and Foxglove were friendly before straight up murdering him.

Shaonir then waits in the bar, asking after Pais. Is he trying to find out if his plan succeeded in derailing Pais from investigating Windsong, or was he anticipating that the party would survive (or “survive”) and return to Magnimar to speak with him? If so, what is he planning from there? To give the Mariners back their gifted souls?


So based on events so far, we’ve got several leads.

  1. “The Brotherhood”, whoever the fuck they are, seem to have ties to both Doctor Habe and Aldern Foxglove (it’s possible that Shaonir is linked to them as well). A group that apparently likes mucking about with necromancers and mad scientists probably isn’t something we wish to encourage.
  2. Andosalu, the murderous painter and apparently a member of the previously mentioned Brotherhood. He’s supposed to be missing, but Gortus and Gurnak claim he is their “master” so he may still be active. If so, he’s involved in the Brotherhood and worthy of smiting. (DISREGARD THAT, APPARENTLY HE’S DEAD)
  3. Xanesha, “Mistress of the Seven”, is clearly a major player in the events we’re caught up in. She’s the one who sent Foxglove off on a murder spree, and who taught him the symbol he carved into the character’s chests, so she’s linked to the Mariners in some way. In her letter to Foxglove she spoke of details about “the Skinsaw ritual” (sounds forboding) located at his Magnimar townhouse. We probably want to go doorkick that soon.
  4. Kanver Craesby, if he’s still alive, may be able to shed some light on the Foxglove/Brotherhood situation. Tracking him down probably won’t be easy, though.
  5. Shaonir. I don’t know what this guy’s deal is, but he’s got his creepy, Hannibal-like fingers in all the various dealings I’ve mentioned so far. No idea what his angle is on all of this, but he’s not to be trusted. Neither is his Inquisition.
  6. Poor old Rebeka and her kids. She arrived at Magnimar on foot and apparently without the brothers or the carriage we sent them off in, which is troubling on several levels. Did the brothers abandon her? Were they attacked again (the fact that she’s caught Ghoul Rot does suggest this). She’s pretty out of it just now, but her kids might be able to shed some light on it all.
  7. The Mariners. Creepy, Cenobite motherfuckers that they are. Seems that they’re still gunning for us, so we need to get more information on them as soon as we can.

We need to keep our cards closer to our chests than we have been lately. There’s a lot of people and factions now in the mix, and not all of them can be trusted. Shaonir and his Inquisition are certainly on the ‘SHADY AS FUCK’ list, and by proxy so are the other churches in Magnimar: we just don’t know if he’s got his hooks in them or not. The only other church we can probably count on would be the Pharasmans (since they hate the undead and will be perturbed to hear Shaonir is linked to them), and possibly the Callistrians (since they kinda hate everyone already).

Our priority right now is getting Foxglove Manor purged and cleansed. Haskin and the other Cayden Cailean bods will probably be able to handle that with the help of the Pharasmans, though it looks like the city watch is off to check it out as well. Whatever happens, we need to see it dealt with before Shaonir and his Inquisition get their hands on it.