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  • Root out the Brothers of the Seven. Find out where they live and meet, find out who they are.
  • Investigate Shaonir fully.
  • Investigate the Foxglove house.
  • Secure allies

Securing allies will be easier than you might think; depending on how far the news of GHOUL FEVER has spread, that fear can be leveraged into securing allies. Myrl can compete in the arena to try and gain the patronage of nobles, who Pais or Temp can sweet-talk into giving over their shekels in support of The Cause; which is basically whatever the fuck they want to hear, but also “we’re gonna make magnimar not ghoulish again” and possibly “holy shit guys we’re fighting an evil conspiracy”. Some people eat that shit up, though Pais or Temp will have to get comfortable with being Alex Jones for dumb nobles and fleecing them for cash.

“But Myrl, what is this scam for?” Calm your titties. The money will go to two things. One is upgrading our equipment and buying useful pieces of equipment to give us a boost. The second is arguably more important – paying informers. While the agents of Cayden’s church have been recalled, the lay members of the church will not have been (if only because it’s nigh impossible to herd them. Worse than cats. Worse than drunk cats.) and so they can be recruited to watch given sites and make reports. The ones who are not immediately useful (too much of an alcoholic, etc) might have friends or family who are, so never discount a source. Again, Pais will probably have to diplomance/sense motive them to make sure they’re on the level and not playing double agent. If we can pay off people in semi-important positions to just listen and take notes (the watch, the court, etc) we’ll be golden.

This intelligence network is aimed towards finding out who Xanesha is, and towards discovering the movements of Shaonir and the Foxglove sisters. Temp would be super useful in this plan, however it may be a better idea to use her in a counterintelligence role – try to find out if our sources are being followed after we use them, etc. Myrl, while not beating things up for funsies, can either watch locations, hospitalise people who are looking into our business, or just read through reports. Pais will have to do a ton of talking. Our basic bitch sources will be vulnerable to magical spying, but that’s just something we have to live with.