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Simply put, the party’s not in the most enviable of positions right now. We’re short on allies, we’ve got heat coming down on us from all directions, there’s a whole herd of prisoners loose on the city and Shaonir/The Brotherhood seems hellbent on keeping us on the retreat.

Sticky/Myrl’s summary of our objectives seems pretty solid to me so no need to change those about too much. What I’m gonna do is assess our potential allies, our likely enemies, and put forward a couple proposals to further our goals.


  • Lord Nirodin: Temp vouches for him, so we can probably trust him. What’s more, the mad bastard has both money, connections and people throughout the city, in all likelihood, all of which will be invaluable as we get stuck in with our investigations.

  • Haskin/Church of Cayden Cailean: The Church of the Accidental God has been neutered a bit, thanks to Shaonir’s wranglings, but we still have some CC folks around the city. Haskin is our gateway to these people; we know he’s probably on the up-and-up, given the ties he has to Myrl and Pais, and he’s got as much motive to help bring down the Brotherhood/Shaonir given the shit that’s been pulled.

  • Captain Uriana/The Watch: No seriously, hear me out. Uriana is pretty clearly a lady frustrated by the bureaucratic hamstringing of her organisation’s job (y’know, protect the citizens of Magnimar). If we can come to her with proof that the higher echelons of the city are actively working against the people she’s out to protect, we’d likely get a very strong ally in her. The Watch has boots on the ground all across the walls and streets of the city, so what they have to say would be invaluable.

  • The Pharasmans: I was really hoping that these chums would be some of our key allies in this, given how much they don’t like the undead. Seems Shaonir had similar thoughts, too, given that he’s tried to knock them out the picture with the grave situation (hurr hurr) all across Magnimar. This is still recoverable, however. If we work to help them deal with the undead across the city, not only to we endear ourselves to them but we get them back in the game faster.

  • The Callistrians: Hoo boy. I’m a little nervous about these guys, in truth, but at the end of the day we’re short on friends and you can trust these guys to be untrustworthy if nothing else. Not to mention the fact that conspiracies and secrets get these fuckers rock hard, and we have plenty juicy stories to swap for information from them. If Pais and/or Temp can diplomance their way into the leader’s good books, we may have an interesting (if dangerous) ally in these guys.


  • Shaonir: This guy’s gunning for us. If recent events have shown one thing, its that. His motives and connections remain mysterious, but it seems pretty apparent that Shaonir is linked to a lot of the shit we’ve dealt with lately and is intent on remaining a thorn in our side for as long as possible. Right now, he may be thinking he has us on the ropes. That’s a good thing; we want him to keep underestimating us whilst we build up our resources and connections.

  • The Brotherhood: Almost certainly linked to Shaonir, and with ties to the various grim happenings around Magnimar and the Hinterlands. One of our principle goals is going to be figuring out who they really are and exposing them to the world for what they really are.

  • Xanesha: We still don’t know who the fuck she is, but the house where she met Foxglove was full of snake-ladies and she’s got her fingers in all the evil pies. We need to get info on her, ASAP.

  • The Hellknights: Fuck these guys.

  • Sir Darvengian: How this guy figures into the picture I can’t say for certain yet, but its quite possible he has ties to the Brotherhood going by his noble background and his tendency to do evil shit in the name of nasty Gods. His escape cannot be a coincidence, at any rate, so we’re probably going to cross paths with him again soon.

  • The Skinsaw Man: Thought this cunt was supposed to be an urban legend?

  • The Mariners: Can’t forget our extraplanar kidnappers/torturers now, can we?


  • Information is our number one priority right now, given that we’re still very much in the dark about what’s going on and (more importantly) why. We need to make the most of the downtime given to establish connections, learn what we can and maybe cover up the trail we’ve left a bit to keep the folks after us off our backs.

  • Pais and Temp are the ones with the social rolls, so they’re the best suited for wrangling friends. The Callistrians are a solid bet for initial information and help, in all honesty, since the spy game is kind of their thing. Pais can hit them up for info in exchange for the various scraps of information we’ve dredged up in our travels.

  • As I said, the Pharasmans aren’t necessarily out of the game yet but they have a lot to deal with in terms of the undead. If our harder hitting party members (Myrl, possibly supported by Kelanni) where to help them put those things back in their graves, we’d get them back in the game faster and also gain their trust. The clergy with a big old bone to pick with the undead would be strong allies, I think.

  • On the subject of the clergy, Pais really needs to look into what’s happening with his own church to see what has been done. Shaonir was vague in his gloatings, so we could do with some more information on what’s gone down.

  • Nirodin could well sponsor Myrl’s entry into the Gladiator Arena of Magnimar as well, if that’s the route we wanna go down. This could well help put us in touch with more of the city’s nobility, a useful connection given the people we’re on the trail of.

  • Al’Din, Kelanni and Temp were wanting to get back out into the Hinterlands and recover the crashed ship before the Windsong Inquisition gets their hands on it, which seems like a smart move. We have only a short window to pull this off, admittedly, but denying important information to our opponents is a very useful step in gaining the advantage over them.