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Myrl (played by Robert/Sticky)

Cayden’s Big Stick
Chaotic Good
Religion: Cayden Cailean
Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)


The larger part of the Cayden Cailean duo of the party, Myrl is the damage dispenser and damage absorber in equal measure. Though orphaned as a child and raised by clergymen (albeit drunken clergymen) after she was rescued from captivity, she retains a lot of her gnollish habits such as laughing at inappropriate times, being distinctive as shit and getting really fucking angry at things on occasion. Though she can be somewhat immature in her outlook and crass in her mannerisms, when the fighting starts she’s the person you want on your side.



Al’Din (played by James/Aarkom)

Al’Din Sharpesteal
Dwarven smith and crafter
NG Mystic Theurge/cleric (forgemaster)/wizard (spell sage)

An exile from the halls of Janderhoff and master craftsman, Al’Din has years of scholarly experience and clerical training that make him an invaluable source of information and knowledge for the party. Though he dishonours his ancestors chooses not to take an active role in fighting, he’s become the de-facto party healer and is the primary reason why most of the other characters haven’t died horribly yet. In addition to not drinking alcohol and further dishonouring his ancestors, Al’Din’s newly acquired access to a forge has allowed him to become something of an armourer for the group.


Kelanni (played by Jen/Zen)

Forest Dweller, Single Mother
Neutral Good with a side of crazy
Feral Shifter (Druid)

Kelanni doesn’t really do people. She’s a wild woman at heart with little knack for social etiquette, basic manners or not screaming about babies in public, and that’s just the way she likes it. She acts as something of a disapproving straight (wo)man to the irreverent shit spewed by Pais and Myrl on a regular basis, though her nature as a druid allows her to throw out some serious battlefield control magic and transform into an elephant at every available opportunity. Her infant son, Rhoan, remains something of a mystery to the rest of the party (particularly upon learning that he’s actually an Aasimar).


Tempest (played by Laura/Tegan)

Tempest “Temp” Tossed
Sylph, CG, Katapeshian
Religion, Besmara
Rogue, Roof Runner
Sorceror, Djinni Bloodline

Temp’s the baby sister of the group, something of a perpetual fish out of water thanks to her Katapeshian heritage and overly optimistic/trusting nature. Despite this, she’s a skilled scout and stealth expert, capable of scuttling up and down buildings as easily as most people climb stairs. As a servant of the uber-macho Lord Nirodin, her family connections have been of great help to the party upon arriving in Magnimar, as have her talents as a courier and mage.

Just don’t expect much of her in a fight. I mean, she’s fucking tiny.


Pais (played by Dave/Grumpy)

Pais Abate
Cayden’s Rabble Rouser
Human, Chaotic Good, Varisian
Religion: Cayden Cailean
Inquisitor (Archer)

For some reason entrusted as the face of the party, Pais is a freedom-loving, booze-chugging inquisitor of Cayden Cailean and Myrl’s partner in crime. He moves through life seemingly intent on never taking it seriously, hip flask in one hand and amused grin across his face. Skilled in diplomacy (and fucking terrifying when he needs to be), Pais approaches combat at range with his composite bow in order to rain down holy hellfire on anyone stupid enough to pick a fight with an angry gnoll and the Varisian crazy enough to hang out with her.