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Okay, let me quickly throw down some thoughts on just what the fuck we’re gonna do now that the floor has given out under us again and we’ve found out that someone we thought was a chum might actually be one of these Brotherhood motherfuckers that we’ve been gunning for (and who have, in turn, been gunning for us). We’re in a bit of a tricky spot at the minute, and a lot of the decisions the characters are gonna need to make within the next few sessions probably won’t be overly pleasant. Fun times all round.

Our main goal right now is getting to Nirodin’s mansion in the noble’s district, since that’s where Temp’s probably headed to, that’s where Kelanni’s babby is and where we might be able to snag us another Brotherhood shitbird before he takes flight.

To do that, though, we’re gonna need a few things.

1) We Need The Callistrians’ Help

This seems to be a common theme at the minute, but that’s kind of what happens when we become wanted fugitives within the city. The Callistrians have helped before, helping us escape from the net Shaonir sprung around us, and they’ve got a stake in this fight as well. What’s more, if we want to move through the city without getting multiple Hellknight squads converging on us we’ll need their help to get smuggled through Magnimar.

Thanks to Kelanni’s timely bunny transformation of Tsuto, we’ve got a bargaining chip. An-Nur will already be pleased that we didn’t murder her sister (like she asked), but being able to hand over Tsuto in exchange for further support will be really useful. An-Nur herself might be willing to tag along: her skills as a sneaky spy type would be rather handy, given the utter lack of subtlety we have as a party.

2) We Need To Take Nirodin Alive

As much as Pais has a stiffy for killing the aristocracy, we’re gonna need Nirodin alive. We don’t know for certain if this chap is a Brotherhood member for definite, so it’s important to have a chat with him about it before we go straight to “throw him in the sea”. This means non-lethal attacks where we can, friends, cos it’s kind of hard to interrogate a corpse.

3) We Need To Be Wary Of Temp

Best case scenario, Temp’s an unwitting accomplice to Nirodin’s Brotherhood activities. Worst case scenario, she’s been against us from the start. There’s plenty of evidence pointing both ways, so at this point we really do have to be careful how we deal with her and we definitely can’t trust her just yet. Pais is gonna struggle with that, given that he’s a big soft-hearted bastard at points, so the other characters are probably gonna need to keep him in line here.

Again, take her alive. We need her to answer some important questions.

4) We Need To Get Our Jack Bauer On

Here’s where things might get a bit ugly. We need to confirm if Nirodin is one of the Brotherhood, and we need to find out what he knows if he is. We also need to find out just how complicit Temp has been with him if he is indeed one of the Brotherhood. They’re not likely to be super forthcoming on these things, so we’re gonna need to get our interrogation on. I’m talking Zone Of Truth, compulsion spells and maybe a spot of finger-snapping if it comes to that.


Which isn’t exactly the most wholesome of options, but luckily we have an Inquisitor at hand to do his thing (and An-Nur too, if she’s coming along for the ride).

5) We Need To Destroy That Phylactery

My working theory is that Voren’s Phage (the plague that might be spreading through the city) is tied to the phylactery that we inadvertently helped to bring into the city. Which means that properly destroying that fucking thing might well help to stop the spread before it gets out of hand. This is almost certainly easier said than done, so we may need to use our friends in the Callistrians to get in touch with the Pharasmans: they’re the guys who’ll know how to destroy such an artifact.


These are, of course, just my thoughts on the issue. If you guys have a better plan for how we handle this, please do holler about it.